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At Active Recovery & Manual Physical Therapy, we keep you Active while you are recovering from your injury. We provide innovative rehabilitation to patients and “athletes” of all levels.

Regardless of whether your activity is ultramarathons, triathlons, mountaineering, and climbing, or just taking a walk, we will get you back to the level of activity you desire.

We are a therapist-owned and operated provider of personal, first-class physical therapy in Oregon City, OR With over 21 years of experience, our highly trained and energetic physical therapist is dedicated to superior, innovative physical therapy techniques that extend beyond traditional services. We continuously seek new approaches, techniques, and effective strategies to help patients reach their highest potential.

We help patients of any age and skill level excel to the next level through strengthening, conditioning, and performance-based programs. We can analyze your biomechanics to improve your performance!

Allow us to help you reach your gym and outdoor goals!